Global Digital Heritage digitised a record number of exhibits in the National Museum of BH

In July 2021 Global Digital Heritage (GDH) continued the campaign of BH cultural heritage digitisation in collaboration with DIGI.BA and Bosnian archaeologists. Within 10 days 530 exhibits from archaeological collection of the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in preparation for a new exhibition, were digitised. This is a record number of objects digitised in such a time frame, even for GDH. They were working with 5 light box set-ups and students from Archaeology and Computer Science at the University of Sarajevo were helping in the process. The exhibits for digitisation were selected by Ana Maric, the author of the new exhibition to be opened soon in the National Museum.



Aside of the Museum work, GDH and DIGI.BA spent one day in the field, where they digitised the cave close to Kladanj and stecaks necropolis close to Stupari. DIGI.BA crew is producing a movie about GDH cultural heritage digitisation work that will be used in their promo campaigns around the world.