Under the coordination of the Association for Digitization of Cultural Heritage DIGI.BA, and in partnership with NoHo Production from Ireland, the Archaeological Institute of Belgrade, the National Museum of Montenegro, Kamerni Theater 55, and the “Mak Dizdar” Foundation, the large two-year project StećakLand has begun, which is being realized within the program “Creative Europe”, under the roof of the European Commission for the support of culture and the audiovisual sector.

The Creative Europe project StećakLand aims to take us to the world where the symbols from the stećak “live” and to introduce us to their meaning. Experts from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro will choose the most representative stećaks whose ornaments will populate the digital environment. StećakLand will be available through a Virtual Reality application that will be installed in Mako Dizdar’s House in Stolac, Dubrovnik Museums, the National Museum of Montenegro in Cetinje, and the Viminacium Archaeological Park in Serbia. Through this application, museum visitors will learn the meanings of the symbols from the stećak and get to know their stories. When visiting the necropolises from which the selected stećaks originate, users can read the meanings of decorations and decorative ornaments through the Augmented Reality application.

StećakLand will also be available through a theatrical performance. Kamerni Theater 55 will put on stage actors with VR glasses. Through the presentation of the content seen by the actor, the audience will have the opportunity to observe two realities: the physical scene and the play of characters in a digital environment, through the actor’s view with VR glasses.

You can follow the progress of the project implementation on the website