ITGirls Summer School

The IT Girls Initiative began in 2015 as the winner of the UN Agencies in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s internal “Under 30 Innovation Challenge” for workers, interns, and volunteers. A group of young and motivated volunteers from UNDP, UNICEF and UN Women came up with the idea to help girls and women gain digital confidence, acquire digital skills, […]

VR film Ilhamija

A Sufi, scientist and poet from Bosnia, Abdulvehhâb ibn Abdulvehhâb, whose derwish name was Ilhâmî (or Ilhamija), was born in Žepče, Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1773. He was executed in 1821 by order of Bosnian Vizier Ali Dželal-paša in Travnik because of a poem he wrote, showing his disdain towards the corruption and crime within Ottoman […]

Global Digital Heritage digitised a record number of exhibits in the National Museum of BH

In July 2021 Global Digital Heritage (GDH) continued the campaign of BH cultural heritage digitisation in collaboration with DIGI.BA and Bosnian archaeologists. Within 10 days 530 exhibits from archaeological collection of the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in preparation for a new exhibition, were digitised. This is a record number of objects digitised in […]

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Association DIGI.BA gathers top experts coming from different fields including computer graphics, informatics, culture, cultural management, cultural tourism, and marketing, all of them having several successful projects in the field of digitalization and visualization of cultural heritage behind.

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Cultural heritage

Virtual reconstruction of cultural heritage, Multimedia presentation of cultural heritage, Preparation and implementation of projects in the field of digitization of cultural heritage, Counselling and education in the field of digitization of cultural heritage


3D modeling and animation, 3D scanning and 3D printing, Creating interactive environments (AR – Augmented Reality, VR – Virtual Reality)


Graphic Design, Production of promotional materials related to cultural heritage, Web pages design, development and maintenance, Multimedia CD / DVD presentations development

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Association for digitization and informatisation of cultural heritage DIGI.BA

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