DIGI.BA was awarded the second Western Balkans Fund grant

Following the recent Decision of the Western Balkans Fund Conference of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, we have been informed that our project is selected as one of the winners in the 3rd Call for Proposals. In this project we will continue to digitally present the Roman Heritage in the Balkans. The selected archaeological sites from Roman period […]

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Roman Heritage of Sarajevo

Following up our Roman Heritage in the Balkans project, DIGI.BA experts created a new application that implements the digital content related to Sarajevo in Augmented Reality (AR). The Roman heritage site in Ilidža near Sarajevo is pretty neglected and not many tourists are motivated to visit. There are a few signs leading to the location and, […]


Roman Heritage in the Balkans – project promotions

Roman Heritage in the Balkans promotions  In December 2019 and January 2020 we promoted the application created within the Roman Heritage in the Balkans project. It is Virtual Reality (VR) storytelling about Viminacium in Serbia, Aquae S in Bosnia, Dyrrachium in Albania and Municipium S in Serbia, all of them being settlements during the Roman Empire. […]

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Association DIGI.BA gathers top experts coming from different fields including computer graphics, informatics, culture, cultural management, cultural tourism, and marketing, all of them having several successful projects in the field of digitalization and visualization of cultural heritage behind.

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