Promotions of the second issue of the Roman Heritage in the Balkans project

The goal of the Roman Heritage in the Balkans project is to create a virtual presentation of Roman cultural monuments in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Albania showing that the whole area had common cultural heritage. Roman villa and terme in Ilidza near Sarajevo, Roman military camp and city Viminacium near Pozarevac, Serbia, Municipium […]


After presenting a successful workshop entitled “Digital Storytelling as a new form of conveying information” within the NEP4DISSENT COST Action, we were contacted by Dr. James Kapalo, the Principal Investigator of the ERC project “Hidden Galleries” to discuss digitisation of exhibition of documents about Soviet religious underground from Secret Services archives in Soviet Union. Finding the topic very exciting and […]

Old Crafts Virtual Museum

First information about crafts in Sarajevo appeared less than three decades after its foundation, and they refer to the year 1489. Through history the number of crafts climbed to 80. Today in Old Town Sarajevo-Baščaršija streets bear the names of old crafts, many of which no longer exist. Old crafts Virtual Museum project aims to introduce the […]

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Association DIGI.BA gathers top experts coming from different fields including computer graphics, informatics, culture, cultural management, cultural tourism, and marketing, all of them having several successful projects in the field of digitalization and visualization of cultural heritage behind.

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