About us

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country where different nations, cultures and religions have lived for many centuries. Each of them has left cultural wealth behind. However, during the past wars, many objects of cultural heritage had been damaged or completely destroyed. The rest is decaying as the time goes by. Intangible cultural heritage, such as folk stories, poems, customs and craft, is slowly vanishing from people’s memories.

Digitization, virtual reconstruction and multimedia presentation will enable conservation of objects and elements of cultural heritage, as well as the revival of the awareness about them. Created digital content will stay as behest for future generations even if real objects completely disappear.

Idea of establishing an organization for digitization was born with the implementation of the first cultural heritage digitization projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina, carried out by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo, Sarajevo School of Science and Technology in cooperation with 5D-CADD d.o.o. Sarajevocompany and cultural institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

At the beginning of September 2010 Association for digitization and informatisation of cultural heritage DIGI.BA was officialy registered in Sarajevo as a not-for-profit organization.

Association DIGI.BA gathers top experts coming from different fields including computer graphics, informatics, culture, cultural management, cultural tourism, and marketing, all of them having several successful projects in the field of digitalization and visualization of cultural heritage behind.