The objectives of DIGI.BA association are:

  • Participation in the definition of basic standards for digitization of cultural heritage, and the selection of appropriate equipment and practices that will enable digitization within the existing, as well as planned legal and strategic frameworks for the digitization of cultural heritage and strategic documents for coordination of digitization of cultural heritage in Europe;
  • Coordination and networking of experts, academic and cultural workers and representatives of institutions and organizations dealing with related activities;
  • Raising awareness on the importance of digitization in all areas of heritage activities (librarian, archival, museum, conservation and restoration) for the purposes of protection, education and promotion of cultural heritage;
  • Production of films, television formats, publishing brochures, guides and publications, and multimedia CD / DVD presentations related to cultural heritage, organizing events, concerts, exhibitions, and the development of new communication channels and different services based on the digitized content;
  • Defining measures for ensuring long term protection and utilization of digitized and other digital content and prevent its misuse;
  • Improvement of resources, institutional capacity and experience and knowledge exchange in the field of digitization of cultural heritage;
  • Increasing the accessibility of cultural heritage through its digitization, according to current and pre-defined rules of use;
  • Initiation and implementation of projects and scientific research in the field of digitization of cultural heritage;
  • Development policy in the field of digitization of cultural heritage and activities within the monitoring and evaluation of implementation of public policies;
  • Organization and conducting of educational programs through workshops, seminars, lectures, training sessions, conferences, symposiums, forums, etc.;
  • Design analysis and suggestions for improving the process of digitization and the increase of accessibility of cultural heritage;
  • Contribution to the democratization of access to cultural amenities, the development of information society and European community knowledge through digitization;
  • Encouraging the creation of new, high quality and functional digital content, enhancing its accessibility and visibility, and promotion of systematic and uniform approach to the digitization in cultural institutions in accordance with known principles and defined priorities;
  • Creation of interactive multimedial web portals for the purpose of informing the public about activities related to the digitization of cultural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • Contribution to the development and promotion of cultural tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina through the creation and presentation of digitized cultural heritage.