LEGArT – register of artworks on genocide

On the 21st anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide, the Virtual Museum of Genocide against the Bosniaks is launching a project to establish a unique register of artistic testimonies about the genocide against Bosniaks. The registry will be called LEGArT and will provide a comprehensive virtual legacy of artworks dealing with the topic of the genocide against the Bosniaks.

LEGArT will be the first unique cyberspace for continuous collection and classification of artworks dealing with the genocide against the Bosniaks, including literary texts, visual and musical works, films and theatre plays, exhibitions, performances and events, everything that in the spiritual sense aims to testify to the genocide against the Bosniaks. LEGArT will also establish a separate database on monuments memorialising events and sites where Bosniaks were killed. A separate project unit will create a banner and links to holocaust art, the Yad Vashem Museum, and in the future also possibly other sites that use artistic forms to deal with the universal issues of loss of life due to genocide, war and totalitarian regimes.

The establishment of the Bosniak genocide LEGArT, the culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as antifascist culture in general, will be richer for another autochthonous art corpus that will expand in terms of scope and quality in the coming years and become the subject of scholarly research and cultural exchange. The way holocaust art is studied today, as a separate corpus in art history and antifascist culture, thus the Bosniak genocide LEGArT will become indispensable for understanding the history and present of Bosnia and Herzegovina in its culture and wider social and political perspective.

The Virtual Museum of Genocide against the Bosniaks pursues projects in contemporary communication and expression to present the continuity of Bosniak victimisation, and artistic testimonies are the most direct form of understanding and transferring the experience of genocide victims over historical and other borders.

The Bosniak Genocide LEGArT is an open virtual space for existing and future artistic content. Authors are invited to submit their works to LEGArT, operated by the Virtual Museum of Genocide against the Bosniaks, so that they may be classified and included in this unique project that seeks to bring together everything that is created in the spiritual and artistic sphere on the topic of the genocide against the Bosniaks.

Works and links can be sent to the following email address:VMGenB@gmail.com



The project has been supported by the President of Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bakir Izetbegović and Vicepresident of entity Federaation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Melika Mahmutbegović.