Multimedia design and contents production on Austro-Hungarian fortresses in Trebinje

Trebinje Development Agency – TREDEA has started cooperation with the Association for Digitization and Informatization of Cultural Heritage “DiIGI.BA” within the activities of the project InterReg Adrion EMOUNDERGROUNDS. The main goal of the EMOUNDERGROUNDS project is to increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of the territories involved in order to strengthen social and economic development and sustainable and smart growth of the entire macro-Adriatic region by promoting a new integrated tourism product based on advanced technologies and innovative marketing tools.

DIGI.BA will create multimedia content for totems and audio beacons, as well as a VR application that will enable visitors to the Museum of Herzegovina in Trebinje to virtually travel to the past and visit the fortresses of Strač, Kličanj, Golo brdo and Petrinja. They will be guided through this virtual experience by an Austro-Hungarian soldier, and in the end they will have the opportunity to become carrier pigeons, which were once located in the pigeon post office in Trebinje,  part of the current Museum building.

The project “EMOUNDERGROUNDS” is implemented within the transnational cooperation program “Interreg ADRION”, and in addition to Trebinje, nine other partner communities from Italy (Nardò, Carpi), Greece (Andravida-Killini), Croatia (Rijeka and Šibenik), Slovenia (Koper, Ivančna) Gorica), Montenegro (Bar) and Albania (Kukes).