Press conference H2020 iMARECULTURE

The start of the first Horizon 2020 research project at the University of Sarajevo – iMARECULTURE, where DIGI.BA experts are involved, was announced by the press conference held on 24th November at 11:00 in the Sarajevo University Rectorate. Media representatives have been informed with the project and its importance for scientific research in Bosnia and Herzegovina, next activities and project team members.

Statements were given by

prof. dr Rifat Škrijelj, Chancellor of the Sarajevo University
prof. dr Izet Rađo, Vice Chancellor of the Sarajevo University
prof. dr Samim Konjicija, Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Sarajevo
prof. dr Selma Rizvić, project coordinator for Sarajevo University


H2020 project iMARECULTURE (Advanced VR, iMmersive serious games and Augmented REality as tools to raise awareness and access to European underwater CULTURal heritagE) is the first H2020 research project at the University of Sarajevo. Out of 95 proposals only 4 were approved, and iMARECULTURE was one of them. Sarajevo Graphics Group from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Sarajevo was invited in this consortium for their recognized expertise in the field of interactive digital storytelling, confirmed in many local and international projects.

Duration of iMARECULTURE project is 3 years and its budget is around 2,6 millions eur. Through its activities the public will be enabled to discover the beautiful world of underwater cultural heritage, which was by now accessible only to divers. Using virtual and augmented reality techniques, internet visitors will get opportunity to see artifacts from three selected underwater locations:
Mazotos, Cyprus, Xlendi, Malta and Baiae, Italy. Mazotos and Xlendi are shipwrecks locations, while Baiae is an underwater archaeological park keeping remains of a whole sunken city with villas, mosaics and statues.


Within the project will be designed two educational games: seafaring game where the player will transport goods by antic period ships and experience various adventures, and underwater archaeology where the process of maritime archaeology excavation will be simulated. Also, at selected locations will be provided underwater tours with AR mobile applications and in Thalassa museum at Cyprus will be created a virtual reality application for visitors to virtually “dive” and explore the underwater archaeological site.

Project coordinator is the Technical University from Cyprus and consortium consists of 11 partners from computer graphics, archaeology, history and visual arts.

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